Uprooted is a colourful, hand painted puzzle game. It simulates the life of a farmer, who needs to grow vegetables to complete orders for villagers. With its dynamic music and unique mechanics, Uprooted is a relaxing yet challenging game.

The point of this game is to grow plants to fill customer's orders. The orders come into the left side of the screen which you can access with the arrow on the left or the A button. 

Use the space bar to open your inventory and use your gardening tools. 

Right click to move item to trash. 

Click the shovel to till the dirt or to destroy unwanted plants. 

Click the watering can to water the plants (don't let them dry out!).

Click the hoe to harvest your plants (don't leave them to long to die).

Mouse wheel to rotate shapes. 

Plants will indicate they are in trouble by shaking. 

To access the shop to buy seeds, click the arrow on the right or the D button. 

Customers will request unusually coloured vegetables. To make them, plant flowers and grow vegetables in their coloured zones.  Flower seeds grow in certain shapes. When you purchase, choose your desired colour. You can combine coloured zones to make more colours. For example: blue dirt + red dirt = purple dirt. 

If you run out of time on an order or reject it you lose a life. 

Get the highest score! 

Ferby1999 and Joseph Quested. 


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